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A handsome stallion. Smartest yet sweetest man around who will always make you feel accepted. Sly and sexy as a fox. His name is Lithuanian driven. He is always positive and knows how to bring sunshine into everyones' lives. His finesse game is A1. He coincidentally has an enormous 4 foot long kickstand. You will want to be his best friend, and he will make you feel like the most appreciated person in the world.
See that guy over there? Yeah, he's a total Sarunas. You can tell by the three drinks he's about to give to those heartbroken lesbian girls. What a sweetheart!
by blayla February 26, 2017
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The number one foreigner that gets lots off pussy and is very popular not always because of good things
Sarunas is great at pit biking
by Hehdbdv October 16, 2017
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