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An alcoholic drink, red in colour which upon drinking brings one to ecstacy and ultimately a higher state of consciousness.

Sarsberry is a relatively new addition to the alcoholic beverage scene. The exact ingredients have been debated over since the drink came into existence, but one thing is for sure... once you've tried this delicious drop, you'll be hard pressed to find anything else that satisfies.

To divulge the contents of this drink would be on par with giving away the knowledge of what secret herbs and spices Colonel Sanders uses when preparing his fried chicken in Kentucky.

This drink orginated one night when a round of drinks was ordered for a group of friends including a sarsparilla and a vodka and raspberry, the slurring customer muddled these two up and asked for a sarsberry and hence the name was born!
Ugh...I drank a few too many sarsberry's last night.
by Sal Fatale January 18, 2011
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