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An improved variant of "Icing" that involves a shot of everyone's favorite whiskey, Cutty Sark, rather than Smirnoff Ice. Detailed rules can be found at
Guess what bro, you've just been Sark Attacked, bottoms up!!!
by Wookie Huntr February 27, 2013
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the feeling after eating at Sarkis, in Evanston Illinois. A feeling of joy, happiness, pain, amnesia, heartburn, nausea, and a heart attack all rolled in one.

Also applied to eating any amount of food in large quantities to the point of great pain/joy.
Graham: i got dibs on the cheesy hash

Trin: Dude im still eating it

Graham: sarks is so pro

Trin: i ate so much im havin a sarkattack
by thecommonfiasco January 24, 2010
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