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adjective/noun. to be a guido douchebag or outright goon that no one likes. The guido douchebag side goes to all the fake tanning, big ego, spiked hair motherfuckers that we all hate to see. They usually reside in staten island or long island, but are being seen all over the east coast. Travel in packs taking mirror pics and talking in fake italian accents.

Also a way to call someone who is being a goon/douchebag but doesnt fit the guido type. Good for an insult to catch a friend off guard. if someone calls you this, re-evaluate your lifestyle
Joe:" yo did you watch jersey shore last night? "
Mike:" na man i dont watch those sardooches, the situation might be the king sardooch, fuckin faggit"

Brian: " yo trying to burn?"
Eddie" na bro just did, my bad"
Brian; " you fuckin sardooch!'
by Santiago&Dunbar December 14, 2011
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