a person who does not look Italian but claims to be Italian; a lombardi
Assumption man: Joe looks more german than italian. He must be a fake italian.
by hmm October 11, 2005
1. a person who is not born in Italy or its family but trying to act like Italian
2. Adam Bucci
Marco's brother, Adam Bucci is a fake italian
by Hojin March 2, 2003
partly from their own egoless, view of the world. Basically an italian who is origionally from Greece or Turkey.
by christi May 19, 2004
A Italian American to pretend to be Italian
Italian American guy:I am a real Italian because I eat pizza and spaghetti,have black hair and because I am 10% Italian
Italian guy:You're not Italian because being Italian is a matter of culture and language, can you speak Italian?
Italian American guy:hmm ...no
Italian guy:You are not italian,You are a FAKE ITALIAN
by OutRun97 November 29, 2019
A person who claims to be italian yet has no knowledge of italian culture or the country itself.
Brandon is wearing his italy shirt again.

Aren't his parents from Germany?
Such a Fake Italian.
by Dead_Meme April 16, 2017
A person of Italian heritage who doesn’t speak Italian, has never been to Italy, and gets their Italian culture from Goodfellas. A clown. Un cafone!
Jimmy has an Italian last name but he get his Italian from the sopranos. He’s a fake Italian!
by Crumbs Costanza August 24, 2020
Someone who says they're Italian but has light skin and blue eyes
Friend: "Yeah, i'm all Italian"
me (italian): "mmmmm I don't think so sis"
Thinking to myself: "Nah she a fake Italian"
by Anonomous__ November 11, 2018