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A rare breed of humans that have the ability to take any given situation and peel it apart layer by layer and reconstruct it in a manner that is less than palatable to the "normal" populous. Often referred to as the lowest form of "wit" in the past is now being re considered as an evolutionary advance in the human condition. It is now thought to be more prevalent in persons afflicted with disorder of ADD or ADHD which is also now being considered and evolutionary advancement of the human brain as a direct result of the global industrial advancements over the past few centuries which has essential caused a leap frog effect in the human mind causing it to operate of higher more efficient levels of intellect. Which is often why persons afflicted with these "disabilities" are often miss understood. So the question could become are they really the disabled persons because they are not the norm! or will their numbers eventually surpass "the normal people" thus making the "normal" few! hence forth majority rules and is the "norm" something to think about
Oh says one of the "Sarcasmicus" breed "because I could not do that myself! thanks!
by IheartADD February 22, 2011
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