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The act of rejecting someone, saying "I can't date right now" and then dating someone else right after.
I personally got Sarah-ed by a girl and saw many people going through this. Soon I realized how common this was and felt it required a term. Therefore here I am helping the society with the term named after the same girl.
"I just Sarah-ed that creep guy last night"
"Bro I got Sarah-ed real bad "
"I'm gonna pull off a Sarah on her"
by BatzyX January 14, 2019
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This is what happens to a girl who posts naked or sleazy pictures of herself on the internet. Origin: Think Before You Post advertisment produced by the Ad Council.

Alt. when someone makes a face-to-face comment to someone who has dirty pictures of herself posted on the internet.
Yo, did you get texed with Jimmy's X-girl's hot pix? He totally Sarahed her.

"Hey, Sarah, what color underware today?"

"Hey, Sarah, when are you going to post something new?"

Hey, Julie, did you see someone posted a picture of you doing nasty things on Jeff's blog - you're so sarahed!
by Ricardovitz July 07, 2009
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Noun: Meaning an interruption of a pleasant nature, always wanted. Usually on the funny side.
"Omg what was that noise?"

"It was just James. He's totally sarah-ed us"

"Oh well. *all smile*
by Kathleen-ah June 27, 2008
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