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Sarah Cow is a deffinition of an insolent little bitch who is two faced and tells everyone your shit. She also may feed you fake shit about people just so she has something to talk about because her own life resembles a dead to man dessert island. She walks around like they are the God to earth but really very few people truly like them. S Cow's have a spotty faces and big round tummies, because of which they walk around like large penguins struggling to support their own weight. They talk about everyone behind everyones else's backs, these people cannot be trusted. These bitches need to be taken down, one day these bitch will stand on someone's toes who hold bigger weight than their own and finnally be forced to eat their own medicine!!! Warning to anyone who meets these cunts of an animal.
"wow, why did my friend just look at me strange"
"the sarah cow must have infected her with her fake shit"
by Thefinaljudgement July 10, 2016
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