A high school located in Simi Valley, California, primarily dedicated to the liberal arts and performing arts.
The student body consists of an overwhelming majority of teens that come from middle to upper class families, who openly embrace pseudoperceptions of rebellion (i.e. wearing all black in order to conform, developing any given mainstream psychiatric disorder in order to conform, becoming lesbian until graduation in order to conform).

Essentially, it is a school that could very well be a poster child for any given music scene that sucks.
Here is a typical example of Santa Susana High School Students.
Jessica: GODS how I loathe my life! My parents are unbearable, this school sucks ass, and I wish I were dead!
Callie: ...Your 'unbearable parents?' The same ones that let you do whatever you want and pay for everything you should be paying for yourself at the age of 18? Your very same school that lets you dress in about any way you want and openly embraces coddling children as opposed to discipline? Such a horrid life you lead.
Jessica: I KNOW! I just want to die!
Callie: Well, then off yourself already.
Jessica: Well, okay... I don't want to die today. But maybe tomorrow. I'll post an angsty blog about in on myspace expressing how alone and painful my life really is. THEN I will kill myself.
by retarded_pidgeon May 11, 2010