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1.Sex hungry


4.boob sucker
6.Thinks no end of himself and is going to get hit someday.
7. Undignified
8.Stuck. up
9. offensive bastard

11.No self respect

12.very horny
13.dangerous in bed.
16. Heartbreaker in a selfish manner.
17. Desperate for girls, popularity, attention, BOOBS
18. A very bad friend
19. Dickless

1. Boy: Hey

Girl: Hey

Boy: Youre hot

Girl: Uh.. Thankyou.

Boy: Can i suck your boobs?

Girl: Eww. Youre gross. Youre such a sannjit

2. Ella: Why is that guy staring at my boobs?

Brittany: Dont worry about it. Hes a sannjit.

3. Nelly: Omg. Hes so wierd. He guessed the colour of my panties in 5 seconds.

Kelly: oh, he definitely has sannjit.

4.Man1: No one cares about me.

Man2: Dude, you are a Sannjit. Go kill yourself.

5.Man 1: THAT guy doesnt wear an underwear.
Man 2: Faack dude. He has sannjit.

6.Girl1:where you going?
Girl 2: His room. He called me over.
Girl1: What is wrong with you? He wants to rape you.
Girl2: Why?
Girl1: hes sannjit! Duh. rapist!

7.Boy: Who you dating?
Girl: Sannjit
Boy: Hahaha, he doesnt have a dick.
Girl: uhh. Sure.
Boy: Fyi, hes gay.
Girl: yeah yeah, rub it in
by Enigma18 September 04, 2011
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