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Beautiful Indian name meaning ‘music’, girls with this name tends to have the following traits;
1. Looks good with a fringe.
2. Has the most amazing smile.
3. Has a nice set of teeth.
4. Normally comes with seductive eyes.
5. Has a tendency to bend her head whenever a camera is in proximity.
6. Is so special that people put her in to her own group on facebook called Something Special!
7. Cutely overuses the abbreviation LOL.
8. Is Feisty, Meow!!
9. Incredibly Loyal.
10. Is crazy, funny and just absolutely incredible.
I really wish my girlfriend was like Sangita man!!
by Mr. 409 February 26, 2010
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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1.) Cute and Sweet girl. Full Indian.
2.) One HOTT and extremely sexy kuri.
3.) Looooooves Harry Potter.
4.) One who joins while sipping "sex on the beach".
5.) One who goes to parties.
6.) Goes to the mall for no reason...
7.) Will be one's bestest friend forever!!!
I want to be Sangita's friend... she's so cool.
by Sangita January 25, 2005
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