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Hottest dude ever. Will major physics in Harvard. His math teacher always praises him for his awesomeness, saying that he is the best student she's ever taught. He also has a fetish for the name "Jenny", as he is dating multiple Jennies at the moment.
Dude, did you see SangHoon's new girlfriend? He's going out with seven different girls at a time! JESUS CHRIST WHY CANT I EVEN HAVE ONE
by woolimasternotdancingtho June 02, 2015
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When someone is so poorly skilled in a certain sport, activity, etc. that the word "suck" no longer does them justice.
*Playing football and getting sacked 4 times in a row.*

QB: "Don't worry, I'm just warming up."
Teammate: "Dude, you're so sanghoon."
by IamBrzenk January 01, 2011
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