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1. One who is so poor, that they lack toilet paper, and are forced to use sand as a replacement.
Commonly used to call somebody very poor. A common term for a sandmann is 'Sandy Cheeks'
2. One who is irritated because they have sand up their ass
1. Elias is such a sandmann! He can't even afford to wipe his ass with dirt! I call him Mr.Sandy Cheeks
2. Elias is such a sandmann! I asked him for a dollar and he started shouting at me!
by NOeskimos April 20, 2009
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he is soooo gay. all he does is cry over girls he dated when he was thirteen and still hasnt gotten over them and because of that he decides to molest every girl in his path no matter how sassy she is. the end
a turtle that is hairy and loves the lady turtles tho they are pregnant and dont like him.sandmann
by pastaboy November 07, 2006
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