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It's when you take some meat, cheese, potentially some condiments + extras (tomato, lettuce, peppers) and put it in between with 2 slices of bread.

It's also another word for sandwich.
Hey brohem, what would you like for lunch? Well, I'm jonesing for a nice big sandino!

Let's go grab a couple sandinos for lunch.
by Sandino Smith April 30, 2008
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A word used to describe people who are cool, tight, off the chain, awesome, etc.
Mostly used to descrive men.
The person is cool, entertaining, hot, good looking, etc.


Also, a person who was born in Chi-Town.
Everybody knows him, he is so fly, Niggas throw him deuces everytime he rides by. Everyone wonders why, he is so cool, but dont ask him, just do what you do.
Man, dat nikka was sandino.
YO look hes Sandino.
Dat nikka is Sandino.
by Jose12334534 September 01, 2008
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