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A tiny yellow monster, similar to the Sandman from Spiderman 3, living inside an unsuspecting girl who has either been to the beach or playing in a sandpit without wearing form fitting underwear.

Sandingas live in the warm coastal sand ready to crawl up a woman's leg and settle in the lining of the Uterus from which they travel down into the vaginal cavity in search of food.

A warning to all mankind, check for Sandingas before penetration, they will not hesitate to munch on fingers, hands, feet, noses, toes, tongues and penis'.
I was tempted to have sex with Maria but when I peeked inside her vagina a Sandinga tried to suck out my eyeball.

I was so embarrassed at the doctor's surgery when I showed him my half eaten finger and confessed I didn't check for a Sandinga first.
by Sandinga November 20, 2010
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