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The man who's banging your girl around the holidays. Or who shows up during the year to give your girl the gift of a good f**king.
Sancho Claus already gave me my christmas present!

"I showed up at my boss's house like Sancho Claus and plowed his wife!"
by The Real Sancho Claus December 08, 2011
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He is the man that does what Santa Claus does Christmas Eve he sneaks in the house at night and drops off some gifts, Sancho Claus in the other hand drops one GIFT and that's for the wife everytime husband is out to work
Guy#1 Hey man my wife has been to tired for sex lately I'm worried I think she might be sick or something..

Guy#2 I dont know man that's what my ex wife used to tell me until I found out Sancho Claus was coming over every time I came to work!!!!

Guy#1 no fucking way man that explains those bruises on her legs...
by Xspotsdamarks April 18, 2018
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