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A hybrid of an elf and vampire. They can only come into being by either a male vampire and female elf, or two Sanaedhels.

They have the strength of the vampires but not the thirst or need for blood. They have the delicate/soft steps of the elf as well as the wisdom and grace.

They consider themselves a seperate race and tend to keep to themselves. The have a difficult time trusting because of the ridicule they get from both the vampires and the elves and they are only fully accepted among other Sanaedhels, though they are somewhat welcomed in all communities only because no one realizes what they are.

They have elven ears and vampire teeth. They tend to not smile or look at people they don't know in the eye much because of their distrustful nature. They usually get close to very few people.

They tend to try to avoid conflict and fights for they prefer peace. They are not fans of violence. Their hope for peace and acceptance is something that they hold on to dearly.

(p.s. the dh in Sanaedhel is pronounced like a soft th as in the word this)
Tinuial Carravetta is indeed a Sanaedhel.
by Carravetta July 11, 2008
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