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Used in place of standard expletives such as "shit", "damn", or "fuck", for when something goes wrong; or for when something goes from wrong to worse. Particularly for when feel that you have been taken advantage of down to your "core."
Example 1:

Bro 1: (accidentally spills a beer on himself, then exclaims):


Example 2:

Girl 1: (after letting Bro 1 hit on her for an hour)

"That's a nice watch you're wearing, my boyfriend

has one just like it."

Bro 1: "Sanacore!"

Example 3:

Bro 1: "Dude, I saw that psychopath Michael is back in town. He was eating at 12 Bones."

Bro 2: "SANACORE!!"

Example 4:

Bro 1: "Hey friend, do ya think you could lend me 20 bucks?"

Bro 2: "Um, I would except my psychopath roommate wrote me two bad rent checks and stole my laptop...again."



Bro 1: "My book deal with Viking Press fell through"

Bro 2: "Sanacore!"
by The Anabraggist November 02, 2010
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