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San Pasqual High School is located in Escondido, CA. Abbreviated SP, it is synonymous with Snobby Peckers, which makes sense since the school’s mascot is a Golden Eagle. If this is not a sign of elitism, then the Hummers and sports cars that fill the parking lot are a dead give-away. And just as the cars are bought with Daddy’s money, so are the drugs. Despite test scores being higher when compared to other Escondido schools, these numbers are inflated as SP does not cater to students who know English as a second Language—even their own. And despite high test scores, more Orange Glen High students (who supposedly live in the ‘ghetto’) go to higher level colleges than SP students.

The main side-effect of going to SP is a deformity where one’s head goes so far up their ass, so that this individual thinks that he/she and his/her school is ‘the shit’, but that’s just because they actually are in fecal matter.
Juan: What school do you go to?

Michael Quentin Caston II: My daddy requested for me to go to San Pasqual High School, although I live next to Orange Glen High School. He also paid for all new football gear for the team, and a tutor for my Geometry I class.

Juan: Hmmm. Is it dark over there?

Michael Quentin Caston II: At SP? What do you mean?

Juan: I mean is it dark over there with all your heads stuck up your own asses?
by DanNguyen69 August 11, 2011
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