The phrase "San Quentin Quail" refers to getting sent up for violating California's law protecting minors. At least one country and western song and a 1940's R&B song dealt with the subject and even used the phrase for the title. Duke Henderson had the R&B song on United Artists and on Excelsior, while Carl Knight had his country record come out of the Dearborn label from the Detroit are. There is another country artist who I think covere Carl's song.
"The Judge says the limit on San Quentin Quail is none" - Carl Knight
by Brian Page August 21, 2006
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a girl under the legal age of consent(from the name of a California state penitentiary)
Don't even think about getting into her pants, because she's a San Quentin quail.
by The Return of Light Joker December 30, 2007
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