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Cold on the outside warm on the inside.

A warm drink purchased in Thailand and or in Koh Samui Thailand.

A beer served warn but cold on the outside, traditionally a beer either served from a fridge not set to the correct minimum temperature or has been placed warm into the fridge, icebox or eski and is served before the contents have been chilled to the correct serving temperature.
"Could i have a cold beer please"

After receiving a warm beer, you complain or ask for a cold one the waiter will feel the outside of the bottle and say

"It's cold just feel it"

Try to explain to the waiter it's cold on the outside but not on the inside only to get a confused look, then order another only to receive another warm beer. After several attempts and having to move from bar to bar in search of a cold beer you would start joking with your mates about how the beer is warm and say to waiter

"Could i have a cold beer, not Samui cold i would really like a nice ice cold beer"
by farrang samui January 23, 2014
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