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Gorging yourself @ a local grocery store by accessing free samples.
Billy was able to enjoy a free smorgasbord @ COSTCO by samplebombing.
Compliment the sever on how lovely her hair net makes her look.
Guaranteed to increase sample portion size 9 out of 10 times.

Double dipping by palming or claiming multiple samples are required for your fictional family.

Circle and return after reversing hat/jacket or putting sweatshirt hood up/down.
Extreme samplebombers will boost hair colour and dye their hair in the washroom.

Sneeze and/or Cough on the sample platter and insist you eat em all.
"it would be criminal to throw them out with all the people starving in the world."

Or the "Full Monty" distraction of the server by pretending you are having an allergic reaction to the product. Flop around on the cold concrete. After she runs to get assistance reap your reward. Easy as picking up road kill.

Rookie Reminder:

1. Wear your larger waist size Kirkland Jeans.

2. Check out Abblebee's online to determine what samples are available @ COSTCO.
by sillybillyboy March 17, 2014
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