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An obnoxious troll who loves living in distasteful places.It either finds an already vile location or infest a house which has residents who have the tendencies to become rotten. When it finds a place as said above, it makes it his abominable lair of pure disgust. It takes at least a week to infest the house but when it is done, human would be unable to live in that place. The characteristic features of his lair is that the smell is nauseating and air is foul, garbage, arachnids, blattarias, rodents can be seen living there. It is susceptible to cleanliness and will either leave the vicinitiy or if left unattended for too long, cleaning would be impossible.
Kid : *throws chocolate wrapper on the floor*
Mom : Pick that up right now or a sampahdin will take you away.
by Sampahdinshaters December 20, 2013
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