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An unusual collection of dense dark matter forming colours of a visually stunning nature.

1. Attraction - Dark matter is created in pairs by intense heats of 13 X 10^6 K when in conditions of background thermoradiation from a source 6 X 10^13 km away. This makes this particular matter incredibly rare to find. These pairs create opposing forces above 13 X 10^6 KN and ultimately this force drives them to opposite ends of a singular galaxy. Similar to radiation, dark matter baffles scientists due to its half life and when dark matter reaches a fraction of 6/13 one pole changes suddenly and the 2 begin to attract.

2. Meeting - If against all the odds of the universe these pairs meet again, the bonding process is aggressive. The unusual combination of such energy and density will cause the birth of several new stars due to the excess heat produced from desolar flares. (A by-product of Attraction that builds up the closer the pairs come to one another). These desolar flares however are extremely volatile to dark matter and it is likely that it can infact create subatomic vortexes that seperate the 2 units of matter.

3. Bonding - If by chance these desolar flares are neutralized by solar flares produced by the birth of new stars, the dark matter will begin to bond at an incredible pace. the pace at which it bonds is unquantifiable as space and time become hypothetically non existent but visually entirely and utterly stunning.

1. Sam and Anna who currently live in london.. Samanna!
by MessyNothing February 03, 2010
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