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A boy who loves to have fun and could be sometimes shy. Always brings good vibes and cracks his audience up. He is very talented and hardworking but could be very lazy sometimes. He is very smart and has great leadership qualities. He loves eating food a lot and can't be separated from it. He loves his family and friends and tends to surprise them, showomg them outmost love and care. He is handsome and good looking. A lot of girls secretly have a crush on him.
I sure wish I could use a Samaila to lighten me up !
by Floki March 20, 2017
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a down to earth gamer who is obsessed with big wet butts. Loves to lie so when ever he is telling the truth, no one believes him. he is the best person to make a bet with because he is always wrong.
yo du, y u acting a samaila
by big daddy29 February 22, 2010
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