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SamShady describes the guy who is extremely beautiful and sexy but super mysterious. No one gets close to him. His world is unknown to virtually everyone except him. He pretends most of the time in order to keep his true self a secret. This type of guy doesn't have many close friends. He lives in the shadows and walks between the lines. Because of his outward beauty, he attracts a long line of suitors but none of them could tell you anything extremely personal about him. He tend to be quiet and likes to observe everyone around him. This guys collects lovers but doesn't allow any of them to get too close. He keeps them on the fringes and plays with them until they tire of his game or he, of them and he then moves on, without remorse. The one vulnerable spot on this guy is his eyes. If you can capture his eyes, he will reveal himself to you. If you're lucky enough to get inside him, you will find a beautiful but guarded soul that is tender and loving and pure.
Michele: "See that hot guy, standing over there by the bar..."
Mari: "He's beautiful! Who is he?"
Michele: "I don't know but he is so SamShady! I bet every person in this place has hit on him tonight!"
Mari: "Those kind of guys always leave alone but never sleep alone."

secretive sexy playboy player charming
by NeNe33 January 04, 2012
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