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A Sam Williams is a man who falls in love with not women but the large cities they live in. He can be spotted during the hours of 5am and 6 am waking up in a sweater vest and khakis, not to mention the loafers awaiting his arrival at the foot of his bed.

Usually wears a suit regardless of the occassion and typically boasts about his recent discoveries of how to tie a bow-tie.
His infatuations with DZ girls only comes second to his love of number crunching and excel spreadsheets.

If looking to find a Sam Williams one only needs to listen for the sound of teeth brushing or gospel choir music radiating through the halls of a college dormitory.

Contrary to popular belief it is the Sam Williams' of the world that created the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as invented the internet and currently write forbes magazine.
"Dude you won your college's American Idol competition? You're such a Sam Williams!"

"After being arrested for the 4th time my dad asked, Why Can't you be more of a Sam Williams!?"

"You were in JoS A. Banks for how long!? What a Sam Williams"

"You got jacked by a 10 year old!? What a Sam Williams"

Love u Sam
by Happy Bastard Santa November 30, 2009
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