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The term “Sam Forded” is a kind of male who prowls on innocent girls (usually blonde). To be Sam Forded is to be emotionally abused, tricked, lied to repetitively and hurt. It is a male who will push whatever limits he feels necessary to throw his dick into the freshest meat or the blondest bimbo who won’t question him that he can find. If this person sees a weakness, he will use it to his advantage. It is being tricked into believing he’s a decent individual. Legend has it that to this day, you may still see the original Sam Ford in local bars in the central California Coast area trying to take advantage of whomever he sees susceptible to his lies and abuse.
"I can't believe John would do this to me, he told me he'd only be with me!" "Darn girl, you got Sam Forded..."
by Crouchingtiger88 March 23, 2014
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