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Salute ME!! In Chaucer's writing, there is a poem or two about the Marquis of Saluzzo. Saluzzo is a province in Italy that is very beautiful with an abundant harvest each year. Now for the imagination to create the rest of the story... It only makes sense for the Marquis to represent a greedy King who looted from the peasants and took prisoners of the low life's. So the Marquis's main job was to go around finding the alliegent and patriotic people of the towns. He had no time to mince words so he would say... Salute me or be punished!! Which meant give me all your money or your rump with rot. The first peasant that saluted him had a bad arm and could only throw the money by pulling his hand way up from the hip to the forehead and this is why the next peasant threw his hand up and touched his forehead to show alliegence to the king and that is why we salute in the millitary today.
Next time you owe your friend money yell! Hey Salusso.
If he is a scholar then he will understand your loyalties are still in the right place. And all will be well because your food will not spoil. He might even buy you lunch.
by Venora Evik Viono the Third February 05, 2010
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