1. A cunt of a cunt. a fuckin cunty old cunt.

2. An old sea dog whether a man or woman lookin all cunty and shit.

3. Can refer to a man/woman who is of the utmost cuntyness

4. Can refer to a female who acts more cunty than socially accepted in this day in age when a man goes over to her in a bar and ontroduced himself and she rolls her eyes in an overly cunty manner.

5. A person who is both Salty + Cunty at the same time.
Look at that salty cunt mate...

boy, was she a salty cunt or what mate!?
by Jason123454321 January 13, 2011
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An ex whom you dated for rebound for a solid 8 days who claims he's "over you" but is still really salty with you about it all and is just a total cunt, even though he took advantage of you while also being in love with a girl who has no interest in him. Usually named jason.
"Hey, your ex was talking to me last night about you."
" Yeah, he's a salty cunt"
by D Drizzle raises the hizzle January 24, 2018
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A person with a very significant chip on their shoulder who is excessively patronising/nasty to someone, basically because they wish they were smart enough/funny/good looking enough to be them but know that they're not.
Jesus that consultant was a salty cunt this morning. It's not my fault he didn't get into Cambridge and I did!
by Bigbosserman June 05, 2017
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