The oral act of licking sweat from a cowboys nut sack to his asshole, with specific consideration for the chode, after a tough day in the saddle.
"Courtney gave me a Salty Cowboy, after I fixed her porch".
by Jcover May 23, 2014
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Salty Cowboys are a Sponsored, Professional Fishing Team based out of Madeira Beach, Florida's West Coast. The Salty Cowboys are popular and highly recognizable by their patriotic uniforms and straw cowboy hats. They are also know for their hunting prowess.
The "Salty Cowboys" are weighing in another big fish for the WIN!
by KINGrasii November 16, 2018
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When you're hitting a girl from the back then as you're about to cum you ride her like a horse while jacking off your dick in a circular "lasso like" manner and cum. (Don't forget to slap her ass and yell "yeehaw")
Man me and the wife were doing it doggy style so i decided to pull a Salty Cowboy on her
by Testicular torsion February 5, 2021
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