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When you're having sex with your significant other on the beach and their butt is resting in the sand, flip them over onto their front to expose their sandy butt. Then ejaculate around their butt hole to top it off like icing.
Dean: "Dude, on the weekend, I was having sex with my girlfriend on the beach. I flipped her over and gave her the best Salty Donut I've ever made!"

Rodger: "Bro that's awesome! I'm so jealous."

Dean: "Wait, why are you jealous? Do you also want to give my girlfriend a Salty Donut?"

Rodger: "No, I'm just jealous because I want to give someone a Salty Donut. Why do you have to always make these conversations so weird?"
by Budders23 October 31, 2018
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