The word Russians use to refer to Ukraine after Euromaidan.
Vasya: Did u heard about Ukraine?
Denis: That Saloreich went wrong.
by ....???? April 24, 2022
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Saloreich is a slang used by the Russian fascists to refer to Ukraine as a country. It comes from Salo meaning bacon fat in Russian and Reich, which a German term for realm, used in this context similarly to The Third Reich. In essence it means The Fat Reich, being a way to dissociate and humiliate the traditional country of origin for the Russians, Ukraine, which in the Medieval Times was the first Rus, the Kievan Rus and which gave the name and history to the Eastern lands, which we now call Russia.
Saloreich air defense claimed four downed missiles over Vinnitsa. Yes yes. Directly over the buildings. Oh, that’s the air defense system of the Khokhlatykh.
by deathtoputin July 16, 2022
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