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A middle school where everyone thinks that the students are geeks. But the truth is everyone pretends to be something that they're not. The white people try to act ghetto and the guys where there jeans so far down its not even funny. And the black people act white and preppy. The mixed people seem to act more white. The asian people continue to act asian except for a few exepections, in which they act black.
Most people get good grades and most classes are really crazy and everyone loves each other so it's pretty great.oh, and its in Manhattan, New York City so that explains the crazy part. one more gotta understand that even if we act diferent than what we look like, thats kinda who we are. and we're never changing. until high school.....
Boy:hey wat school do you go to?
Girl:Salk School of Science
yeah SALK beats every other school!!!!!
sry couldn't think og any other example...
by not a gossip girl September 10, 2008
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