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A school populated by 98% Spanish people who all live in the infamous "point" They also run the first floor.

The deans consist of Mr.Wulf Yes Wulf a member of the "Wulf pack"
Mrs.Decorcey Some little Irish lady nobody really hears about
And last but not least THE ROCKY BALBOA I mean Mr.Shevory
"The wanna be principal" The real principal Mr.Angeramo seems just to talk on his phone all day and be to nice. The halls of Salem High are guarded by DRUM ROLL PLEASE Ms.Garret!! She will call the cops on you. The sports teams are good of course because our athletic director is Coach Connolly. Even though we spend all of our money on football and basketball we still seem to scrape up some money for the other sports. Salem High is also the home of John Wilkinson The oldest janitor in the United States of America You know he has been alive for 98 years retired 3 times and still comes back to threaten the lives of young high school students. Were also the school with the youngest teacher Mr.DiMauro like c'mon how am i suppose to respect somebody thats like a couple years older than me. He just turned 23. The teachers always complain about how poor they are and how they dont have any money but they still come in the next day i mean like people quit and go beg on the corner for money. At Salem High for once white people are the minority.
Bob: Yo have u heard about that school were like 98% of the kids are spanish its like in that little witch colony?

Peter: Yea isn't it thats school Salem High School (Salem Ma) for once us white people are the minority
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