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Salassa is an amazing person who truly deserves the best from life. She’s sweet, loving, caring, hilarious and tough.

From a distance she is a smart, very pretty and sophisticated girl with confidence that flares like a wildfire.
When you truly know her she’s the most talented girl you will ever know. She also has a gift of a warm heart and the ability to heal and comfort you when you feel most down.
She’s everything you’d want for a girlfriend and more.

She reminds you what being loved is like. She is the most amazing person in the world.

If you even get a chance to know her and even fall in love with her! Consider yourself the luckiest guy in the world.
Guy 1: “holy shit is that salassa?”
Guy2:”no way, she’s so damn pretty and smart I wish she was still single ...”
Guy1:”you will never get her dude she’s way out of your league
by TheEdwardnator May 11, 2018
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