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1: An anime convention that takes place in Western Washington, in the spring, over a weekend. Also an opportunity for a fan to optionally cosplay as an anime character, among other things.
2: A gathering of people young and old who cannot speak Japanese, do not attempt to learn Japanese, and to the trained ear often sound as though they are deliberately trying to butcher the Japanese language.
3: A gathering of fangirls, fanboys, and fans of indeterminate gender, some of whom, in their zeal for a particular show or character, cosplay in a fashion entirely unbecoming of their age and/or gender.
4: ...but NOT a convention exclusively dealing with characters named "Sakura" (yes, plural - there _are_ other anime besides Naruto, people!).
5: Generally a fun time wherein people young and old enjoy themselves.
Synonym: Pre-PAX Penny-Arcade-a-thon.
Dudemaster A: "Dude, I'm going to Sakura-Con."
Dudemaster B: "Cool. Here is my soul - could you ask the Penny Arcade guys to sign it? And get me some Pocky: I'm still not a diabetic yet."

See you at the 'Con. No, not the Emerald... Aww, forget it.

Shokun! Sakurakon de mata aimashou!
by Tem D'Mindu April 05, 2007
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