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The Greek entry for Eurovision 2009.

Famous for;
1. Wearing tight, white clothes that are usually way too small for him.
2. Thrusting on stage
3. Fake tans.

He also makes nice souvlaki!
"Did you see that old guy on T.V last night?!"
"Yeah! He was such a Sakis..."

Alexander Rybak > Sakis Rouvas
by jewjewtrain October 19, 2010
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A douchebag who began his career near the 90's by writing Random retarded *cough* Romance lyrics. and Somehow manages to make almost any girl's pussy wet.
Makes perfect sense.
Sakis Rouvas :
Ksimeroni I mera
Fasaria, fones
Musikes ston aera
Ta kormia mihanes
Stin kardia mu mia tripa
Mia pligi anihti
Htes to vradi sto ipa
S' eho erotefthi

by Nicholas_Stigma May 31, 2011
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