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Sakeeb is a total idiot.. Although he may be goodlooking & every girls dream guy. The looks are deceiving. He plays with girls and can never be trusted.
He played me.
Oh, that's Sakeeb for you.
by JackieChan1919 November 19, 2012
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Sakeeb is perfection! sakeeb is amazing, gorgeous and funny. He is handsome and charming, irresistible and gets tons of girls falling for him everyday. Sakeeb is very fun person to be around! Someone who may be mean but knows their limits, smart and intelligent knows what is best for themselves and is just incredible, can be horrible, but does it for their own entertainment, very mischievous also loves tricking people. Very lovable and cute, leaving aside the moodiness and crankiness. Also, not a very affectionate person but has his own ways to express his feelings as he may find it difficult too, he is an original! He leaves girls mesmerizing. Sakeeb is a entertaining and loves having fun! He has his stubborn moments but yet he is gob smacking amazing.
sakeeb is amazing, i love you sakeeb, sakeeb loves his princess.
by apka huniwallah patni x April 26, 2013
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