A sandbox game that is out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It has great customization capability, and has great multilayer, but is constantly looked down on by GTA fan boys who have never played the game to realize how different it is, Saints Row 1 Fan boys, who constantly complain that it is not exactly like the first one because Protect the pimp, and Blinged out ride aren't in it. It is also plagued by a few groups of people...

1) Little kids (usually Nigglets) who think there real gangsters, and talk and act like Asshats.

2) people who lag switch, and standby to cheat there way to the top of the leaderboards, then brag like they are something important to society.
Queen ll is the worst player in Saints Row 2. she thinks she is good because she has three teammates carry her fat ass up the leaderboards while she will die +15 times and is lucky if she kills a noob once.
by Gamewizard546 September 3, 2009
A great game that is vaguely similiar to Grand Theft Auto IV, but different in many ways. The main differences are that Saints Row 2 is about gangs and not one person. You can customise your character, unlike in GTA4. The game is more cartoony than its "cousin", but has a longer replay value than it. You can do many side missions that allow you to join fight clubs or race or spray sewage on people or BE the cop and MUCH more. It has been given a bad rap, mainly because the people from Rockstar (the creators of GTA4, SR2's rival) have bribed all major game reviewing companies to say that this game isnt as good as Grand Theft Auto.
Guy 1: Hey wanna come over and play GTA?
Guy 2: Nah, that gets really old after you get done with the story and tthe side missions suck. I think ill stick with Saints Row 2, because its way better.
by AustinatorSR May 17, 2009
A sandbox videogame which is centered around a customizable character supposedly following after the events of the first game, Saints Row (obviously).A game which is overshadowed by its much more popular cousin Grand Theft Auto IV. Fans of the two games often butt heads over which is better. In reality, both games have their ups and downs. While GTA has a fine-tuned physics engine and sense of realism, it lacks in versatility and multiplayer. Saints Row 2 however, is about the exact opposite of this, enabling you to use more vehicles and a very interesting multiplayer.
Saints Row 2
by La Touf January 17, 2011