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An academic establishment located in Arlington Heights, Illinois that is full to the brim with what society would refer to as degenerates. It is known in the northwest suburbs of chicago for its outstanding academics and for running the school similar to that of a prison/war camp. Saint Viator is also well known for spearheading the "drug test every lousy student" movement. The students who attend the school are looked upon as the spoiled youth of negligent parents when there is so much more to them than that! The boys are egocentric tools and the girls are fuckin smokin pieces of ass.
Public School Student: Hey what school do you go to?
Saint Viator High School Student: SV bro
PS Student: oh, so tonight you're gonna have a party at your house because your parents don't give a shit
SV Student: yeah, sounds about right
by coachkay October 11, 2011
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