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An alcoholic beverage made by a sailor and his monkey through acts of bestiality where the semen of both partners is mixed in with cream soda and any type of alcoholic beverage beginning with the name of a male character i.e. Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, etc.. The beverage originated in the land of the Irish during the period of the major agricultural downfall known as the Irish Potato Famine. When natives immigranted due to the crop failures, along went the Sailors Cream Soda. As they sailed to the United States of America, sailors aboard almost every ship would produce the alcoholic beverage and store them in bottles. Amongst arrival in the United States in 1846, it popularized and spread throughout the states. Although unpopular today, the Sailors Cream Soda changed the life of our ancestors. The beverage formed what would become the modern day United States of America.
"Sailors work hard aboard their extravagant ship in order to satisfy their wives by making bottles of Sailors Cream Soda. with monkeys."
by The uffin February 01, 2010
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