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Saiha is an amazing girl who is not only smart but cunning and clever. At first, she appears to be shy but once you get to know her, she's a really good friend, someone who stands up for herself and others and has the best sarcastic comments you can come up with. She's a bookworm but is adventurous and brave. She's quiet but when she appears not to be listening, picks up things, almost like a spy.
"Hey Saiha, you're fucking ugly."
"Look in the mirror. Oh wait, don't. It'll crack and we'll have to clean it up."
by imyourspyoflife May 27, 2018
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A very cute person who likes to laugh all the time. She’ll be the most caring and loving person you’ll ever met and will always trust you unless you break it.
If you ever have a Saiha in your life, then don’t ever let go of her as she’ll completely change your life in the best way possible.
by Thesecretagent September 29, 2018
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