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A creepy, deranged Indian who is so dark that one would consider him African, should they be able to lay their peepers on his inky complexion and distinguish it from the black jail cell shadows behind him. Yep, this fool goes to jail often due to an addiction with stealing bikes, and is capable of no coherent thought other than "Need Bike," yet another reason that lead people to believe that he is in fact, black(should a visual not be available).
Girl: Daddy, what's a Sahith?
Girl's Dad: begins to answer --
Girls Boyfriend: A black man who lives in the shadows.
Girls Dad: Gives "daddy" an ass whoopin'.
by CoolRobloxKid March 12, 2017
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One of the best things to call a person. A sahith is a person who is very successful in life and can do anything he sets hiss mind to. He is the strong, silent type. Sahith's are usually very rich and famous.
OMG, bill gates is such a sahith.
by wordspinner October 11, 2012
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