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Sahith is a one of a kind, incomprehensible, despicable, illogical, and fundamentally disagreeable species of human. It loves talking about sex at all times, and wanders around generally by asking questions such as “But what is the incentive?”, “Why, I’m so curious?” or by saying “You have beautiful green eyes”, “Nice dance moves”, “Nee amma”. It has a sentence structure that is syntactically sui generis( one of a kind), each sentence starting and ending with “bro”. For example, “ Bro what’s up bro”, “Bro water bro”, “Bro I’m fucking drunk and I don’t feel my penis bro”. If you see a Sahith, please report it to 911. And give it some chocolate milk.
There is a Sahith, he’s always talking about sex, and not a single word he says makes a f*ckin sense!
by LuvURaja October 26, 2018
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One of the best things to call a person. A sahith is a person who is very successful in life and can do anything he sets hiss mind to. He is the strong, silent type. Sahith's are usually very rich and famous.
OMG, bill gates is such a sahith.
by wordspinner October 11, 2012
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