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Would refer to an old lady usually with hangin' tits,or an adult woman that her boobs falls down to her knees and she needs a lot of support to hold them.
"Hey bro check out those tits,i bet if you release the bra,you will reveal saggatron."
saggy hanging downlow
by Pussehunter December 22, 2015
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Saggatron is a futuristic plastic person with saggy, unsupported boobs. Saggatron looks normal from behind, but when she turns round you'll be presented with a plastic face and boobs to her knees.

Saggatrons mission is to look as plasticy, fake, and saggy as possible. Dating a guy who is unable to juggle a social life with friends, and a love life with a girlfriend is also one of Saggatrons secondary missions - along with the search for the next biggest trowel to pile that make up on.

Saggatron should be avoided at all costs
scene : group of friends in a club
Rosp : FUCK ME look at the HOT ASS that has just walked in
Stuk : What the hell is that at the back... oh sweet jesus... SWEET LORD... ITS SAGGATRON... WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE

scene change : Saggatron distroying the place with her fake saggy boobs
by Tealc Tallychoo April 28, 2006
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