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Literally a smaller, newer, gum-free (supposedly) version of Carlsbad High School. Contrary to popular belief, we're not full of nerds. We have the same general demographics as CHS, except we're using a trimester system and we have less druggies. Basically a wannabe college-style campus that is prowled by freshmen who have chronic dabbing disorder.

The place where if you're not LGBTQIA+, YOU are the minority.

Also, a giant boiling pot of memes.
Person 1: What school do you go to, person 2?
Person 2: Sage Creek High School.
Person 1: Oh, is it that one new high school in Carlsbad? That's so cool! I heard they have a trimester system instead of a conventional semester system. Isn't it much faster and more work-intensive?
Person 2: It is, but it allows you to take more courses!
Person 3: Fuckin Bobcats lol LONG LIVE LANCERS xDDDDDDDD
Person 1: Oh, look, someone from CHS!
Person 2: 1v1 me m8


Person 1: Hey, are you gay?
Person 2: no?
Person 1: Lesbian? Bisexual? Transgender? Queer? Intersex? Asexual/Androgynous? Genderfluid? Demiboy? Demigirl?(edited)
Person 2: I'm a heterosexual white boy(edited)
Person 1: fuckin fag that's a microagression against me and my ppl get out of my school you weeaboo
by FreshPrinceOBelAir February 03, 2017
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