A euphemism for 'speed camera' or ‘speeding camera’. A third form of tax. Commonly used in the UK by government to mask the true intent of the device; revenue collection!
Any driver passing the camera going over the ‘safe’ speed will be photographed and a fine will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.
As always, governments dress these thieving traps up as saving lives, however anybody with half a brain knows this is a con.

A permanently fixed camera usually mounted on a pole. Ironically, ‘safety’ cameras are usually located on the safest, straightest sections of road far from intersections where people tend to go slower.

On two lane roads they tend to be positioned to fine those over taking slower vehicles.

Some safety cameras in england catch more than 36% of drivers breaking the speed limit. (safetycamera.org)
"South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership aims to reduce this terrible and unnecessary toll by cutting the number of motorists exceeding the speed limits "
by bilbo23 March 17, 2010