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A physical or metaphysical place one goes to for peace and serenity
by stonerwitchu_u September 22, 2020
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A room or area where left wing people can go to cry about politics. Commonly used by socialist collage students after elections they did not win. Inside a modern safe place are typically service dogs, free hot chocolate, therapy, counseling and pillows and couches. Some safe places are so pampered that they allow occupants to say for days at a time. Although unnecessary, safe places cost schools thousands of dollars, and sometimes are even fully governmentally funded.
Rick: What the hell is up with all the wailing over there?

Tommy: Some pussy collage kids are crying over at the safe place.

Rick: Why?

Tommy: There professor raticalized them in the way of socialism. They are crying because Donald Trump won the election.

Rick: That's Bullshit.
by Tommygun3833 December 01, 2016
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Just a reference to a place where people don't have to be total cunts to each other.
That conservative snowflake is bent out of shape about those gay dudes kissing, but this is a safe place and he kept his opinion about other people lives to himself. .. Safe Places should include any location you are that's public property and involves the personal lives of others that have no interaction with yourselves... AKA "don't be a cunt to another human being, mind your own shit" ... Your still entitled to your opinion but have some "fucken class" .............. Note safe place has exceptions for political opinion for the reason of debate, its good to argue an opinion.
by Twinside22 April 16, 2017
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