Saddleworth is a small group of villages in the north west of England. Most people from this area have 4 toes on each of their three legs. The area is renowned for only having 4 hours of sunlight per week, and is located inside a mountain. The people of saddleworth ('Saddleworthians') are often under 3 ft tall, and they are all related. The language spoken in this area is often known as 'A Series of Grunts and Screams'. All in all, a good place to go.
Mindus-My-Codus-Piece: Wanna go to Saddleworth, my good man?

Tightus-Tightus: Thankyou, dear sir, but I would rather be accidentally kidnapped by squids.
by Annelyra November 26, 2009
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