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A Sad Little Woman-Hater is a male Urban Dictionary user who makes up definitions that insult, put down and abuse woman in their "definitions" of implausable, made-up sexual acts. Usually involving violence and insults, these men are ALWAYS one of the following:
- gay and bitter.
- straight and bitter.
- a virgin and bitter.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater is usually bitter, spitefull and resentful of the opposite sex due to the vast ammount of rejection they get. In a typecally testosterone-driven passive-aggressive manner, these pathetic human beings vent their frustrations out by submitting rediculously idiotic definitions to the Urban Dictionary, depicting violent acts against women.
The made-up sexual acts will never be performed by the Sad Little Woman-Haters themselves, because they know that any woman would beat them to a pulp if they even tried... making them even more bitter and spitefull, thus driving them to submit even more stupid definitions.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater will submit something allong the following definitions:
(Note: All of these have realy been submitted to the Urban Dictionary)

When you take out the day's garbage to the dumpster you see a homeless woman sleeping inside. So you jump in and fuck the shit out of her and make a big gooey mess all over her with your cum. As you get out yell "Get a job you bum!"
and then throw all of the garbage on her. THIS IS CALLED THE DUMPSTER DUNK!
pissed off pirate:
while having sexual intercourse with a female, the male pulls out and ejaculates in the woman's eye. Simultaneously, he stamps on the woman's foot. This causes the female to hop on one leg while covering her eye like a pissed off pirate.
J poke
To penetrate the spincter of a chunky, dirty, emo girl with one's pongo (refer to the definition of pongo)
Back baps:
The phenomina of a woman being so fat, they have developed breasts on their shoulder blades.

* The Sad Little Woman-Hater who submitted "pissed off pirate"is likely to be both a bitter virgin and a bitter gay man, obviously knowing nothing about woman-kind.
by Peaseblossom85 August 02, 2006
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